This week was good, in a weird way. I can’t tell if I LOVE what I’m doing every day, or if I HATE it.

Basically what I’m doing now is reallllllly demanding mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. I have to think hard while treating someone to feel things and to then bring it back to normal. At the end of the day, even if we’ve only had 3 patients, I’m drained.

Why I love it:

-truly treating patients ENTIRE body: mind, spirit, leg, arm, etc… all in combination

-it’s pretty amazing what we can do with our hands to heal

-the schedule is great

Why I’m not loving it:

-can be boring

-sometimes I don’t want to work that hard

-sometimes I don’t like treating the entire person bc I feel like they’re manifesting problems that aren’t actually there

-sometimes I don’t think I FEEL anything

-sometimes I don’t know how to approach a patient with treatment and feel frustrated

-I wish I was better at treating

**it’s so helpful to see it written down! a lot of my ‘dislikes’ stem from lack of confidence or knowledge…interesting.

I have a very busy day today, getting all of my life taken care of before my hubby and I head off for the weekend to Malibu.

Currently researching bunions, feeling like a  podiatrist, and anxiously awaiting my hike with my dear friend and pooch — just a few more hours!

Tomorrow is my race, my FIRST 5K!! I’m getting really excited! This is a big ol’ deal to me and I’m simply hoping to ENJOY and RUN THE WHOLE THING.

I’m going to re-write my goals later.