Baby is five months old!!

DITL : Day In The Life, Med student Mommy addition

My schedule now looks a little something like this [note: i’m on my sub-i rotation at the local hospital, blah.]

5:00 – I stir, crazy mom hormones wake me up at the crack of dawn, I check my phone hoping its either early enough for at least another hour of sleep OR right on time for me to get up…its is rarely either

5-5:30  – try to sleep and keep baby asleep [generally lying next to me, and as cute as can be] some mornings if I feel rested, I just watch my baby, I dream about her and I wish I didn’t have to climb out of bed soon

5:30-6:20 – Get ready for work, pack pump supplies, make sure bottle is ready, grab my work, lunch, water, and white coat…out the door!

6:45-9:00 – Round on patients, write progress notes, pump session # 1 of the day (5-7oz depending on when Martha last ate), meet with colleagues regarding patients, follow up on labs/tests/consults etc…

9:00-11:00 – Official rounds w our attending [currently doing table rounds], present patents/H&Ps/chat about management, look up meds/things I don’t know etc…

11:00 – Pump session # 2 (4 oz), work on patients, follow up, do admits from ER

1:00-2:00 – Lecture across the street

2:00 – Pump session # 3 (3.5-4oz)

2:20-5:00 – work on patients, follow up, do admits in ER (sometimes a Pump session # 4 on 1 boob…1-2 oz)

5:10 – Drive home, say adios to nanny

5:15-6 or 7 depending on her last nap – play w, nurse, love baby, let doggie out to pee

6-7 – Bedtime routine [play on changing table, bath time/rooney’s bath time **he thinks**/changing table shenanigans to get ready for bed/nurse and sing to sleep in bedroom]

NOW THIS IS WHERE IT CHANGES DAILY hahaa…you still have yet to have a TRUE routine. You usually wake up 1-2 hrs after being put down, some nights I can let you fuss {not cry…we do not cry it out, if you cry, i come}, and you’ll put yourself back to sleep. Some nights you cry and I head back in and I nurse my baby to sleep. THen you generally sleep 3-5 hrs before waking up of nurse, and THEN you wake up on average about every 2 hours until 6:45AM when daddy gets to have morning time with Martha.

I’m loving this age. You just started turning over a couple of weeks ago and when you do it, its the BEST! You giggle and smile when we make noises and fake eat martha on the cob. You poop every 5-9 days…yep…you’re SLOW to poop, so this last week we gave you prune juice and it helped as you pooped today, woo! This is what daddy and I text about on the regular…we text about your pooping. Oh and you love the phone, its apparently very exciting 🙂

I have 2.5 more week on this rotation and then only 3 more months of my medical school career!! I’m done Nov 7 and I have until Jan 6 with YOU my love and with family!! I can leave the pump behind, nurse my baby the way nature intended 🙂

Your auntie Katy is due TOMORROW! Aug 7 is her due date…we shall see!! We can’t wait to have another baby in the family, we don’t know if its a boy or girl yet (i think boy!). Our friends Lynn and Kim are due Sept 7, Rachel and ANdy are due Aug 20 something and Scott and Steph are due Oct 10 AND Caitlin and Chet are having baby number 2 in Jan 2o15..your group of friends is rapidly growing martha!!

I am in love with being a mommy and can’t wait for what the future holds. I love you my sweet Martha Moon, you are the BEST.

Off to work on my residency applications so I can have a job when I graduate next May 🙂