I’m a 5th year medical student and am currently on maternity leave. I gave birth to our sweet baby Martha on 3-16-14 at 3:16 am on a full moon…I think I’m in for a wild ride with this baby girl! I’ll be applying to family medicine residency this year and I hope to focus my work on OMM, women’s health and geriatrics. I live in Southern California with my sweet pooch and husband.

Why a 5th year?! I teach on campus 4 months out of the year as a pre-doctoral teaching fellow…this has extended my schooling from the traditional 4 years to 5. I’m  just taking a longer route to graduation because I love teaching and I love osteopathic manipulative medicine.

I started this blog because as medical school became my life, I needed a venue to express myself, totally unrelated to school/medicine/tests etc…. This is where I am able to be more creative and have a final resting place for my thoughts.

I’m not a writer or entertainer, but I want to share and connect and document as life passes by with my nose in a book…or patient’s room… and be able to look back on what else was happening while med school reigned.

Share with me as I share with you.


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