This weekend is never-ending and I LOVE it! Thursday night my husband, sister and myself met up with some friends to see a show — husbands friend from high school in England is in a band that’s touring the U.S. right now. It was such a fun night…there may have been tamales from someone’s trunk at 2am.

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The next morning, Ant and I walked around Los Feliz w the pooch and had an awesome breakfast at the Mustard Seed Cafe, breakfast burrito 🙂 Later that day I met friends for sushi and ended up seeing Identity Theft…super funny!! Of course, that day couldn’t go by without attempting my life-long pursuit for the perfect storage option for my office.

I have such a small office and it’s getting to a pnt where I need more storage and need to purge my space of unnecessary stuff. This weekend I’ve been to 7 + stores looking and haven’t found anything! I might go to Ikea later…

One of my projects this weekend, his and hers laundry hampers out of trash bins

One of my projects this weekend, his and hers laundry hampers out of trash bins —

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 dear friends (one with child, yay!!!) and we had drinks (mocktails for mama-to-be) and dinner at the bar my husband works at, deeeeelicious! Lots to catch up on and chat about, it was lovely.

Today has been very productive. Finished a paper, sent a billion emails (more like 4 important ones..but it felt like a billion 🙂 took a quiz, organized and updated my CV, put together my packet to ask for letter of rec from my last preceptor, updated my ‘to-do’ list…ate lots of yummy snacks while being productive.

Something weighing on my mind..My pooche’s foot! We played ball w him in a tennis court yesterday and about 20 minutes in, we realized he was bleeding from somewhere. The pooch DOES NOT mess around when it comes to the ball, all of his skidding and running had split BOTH of his front foot pads, with pieces kinda hanging off and bleeding 😦 We stopped and headed home, I put some neosporin on them last night. But when we got home, the pooch proceeded to throw up…probably a 1/3 of a gallon of mucus! He hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and had downed a ton of water while playing ball…maybe the heat got to him? We layed low all day after his throwing up and he was very protective over his foot. He did eat dinner, thankfully, and no throw up. But today he seems like he’s in a lot of pain with his feet, I just can’t handle his sad whimpering!! 😦 Probably going to the vet this week.


Excited for…This weekend when I run my FIRST race!!! and hubster and I head out on a romantic evening to celebrate our 4 yr wedding anniversary. I’ve booked something in Malibu for the night and I’m so excited!!

Thankful for…the amazing sun today, my husband that loves my dog so much, my sister for being so damn amazing and literally the best sibling, and for my mom, whom raised my sister and myself on her own and is the strongest woman I know.