Convocation is in 4 days!! I’m so so so so so excited, I will soon be reunited with my dear fellows and faculty in Florida, we will learn more about osteopathy, I will meet up with an esteemed doctor in the field of OMT & OBGyN research (secretly hoping she’ll mentor me), and I will visit a state  I’ve never been to!

Lot’s has been going down the past few weeks.

First off, my first race! Quick recap:

-It was awesomely inspiring and amazing and I already signed up for a 10K next month

-I cried a few minutes into running b.c I was so overwhelmed by everyone running

-I ran the entire thing (goal #1, Check!) and I LOVED it (goal #2, Check!). The pooch and the husband came to watch, it was awesome.

-I ran in under an hour! {{I know…5K in an hour?! but I was worried…and I ended up running it in 36 minutes, which is certainly something awesome for me}}

-I did it all on my own and it felt great to challenge myself, try something new, and accomplish something I’ve been wanting to do. Feels great to expand.

Some pics of the fun event:

photo-27 photo-15 copy 2 photo-15 photo-22The race was ~ 500 people, lots of families, even some doggies, it was awesome! This is my cheering section:

photo-21And before you wonder…is that a muzzle!? Nope, it’s a ‘snoot loop’ you can google it, it’s the original version of the ‘gentle leader’ that cesar milan came out with. It helps me control this strong poochie when we’re walking, if I have control of his head, all’s good 🙂  You know how some people put harnesses on their dog? Well we’ve tried really hard to train him to be a good walker and a harness only lets him pull with his ENTIRE body weight…which makes no sense, so with this nifty sucker, I can walk him like a charm. It’s awesome.

After the race, the hubby and I drove to Malibu for our 4 year wedding anniversary. We were celebrating by renting a vintage airstream trailer on a property in Malibu for the night, romantic, secluded and beauuuutiful. Here are some pics:

photo-18 copy

our sweet trailer overlooking the Santa Monica Mountainsphoto-17 copy photo-15 copy photo-23 photo-26 photo-20

The owner of the property has 8 goats, on our hike the next morning we had a visitor follow us back to the airstream. This was snowflake, she was sweet and even came up to sniff us a ton…eventually licked my leg…and even gave it a nibble, harmless and VERY sweet! We hung out with her all afternoon before we left. **Note snowflake running after the husband 🙂 Didn’t want to leave our side!
photo-16 copy


This is what the pooch was up to while we were away…he was having a sleep over at our friends house, and what fun he had!



Since that fun weekend, things have pretty much been business around here.

I’ve been finishing my OMM rotation, in fact, today was my last day. LOTS to talk about there…another post coming.

Other news, my mom is moving! She’s been wanting to move for a while, but isn’t really in a position to. Just serendipitously, my aunt has a house next to her going up for sale and it’s basically a dream come true to have my mom and aunt live right next door to each other…AND 15 minutes closer to me 🙂 Now we just have to work on selling her house…

I organized my office

photo-19Made homemade doggie treats…pumpkin spice!photo-24

And am currently gearing up for exams, new rotations in the hospital, convocation in Florida, and helping mom with the house!

I’m working on articulating my post about my last rotation soon. The quick and dirty, it was awesome, filled with self reflection and amazing. I was challenged but walk away from it feeling more deeply rooted in my connection with health, patient care, and why I want to be a doctor. I also feel closer to my goals and have a better idea of what kind of physician I want to be.