On Monday I attended a fusion barre class at a new studio in town. Basically I woke up early one morning the week prior, noticed an amazon local deal for 20 dollars to purchase 3 classes of barre at this fun looking studio. I purchase said deal. Next, I looked up the studio online to check out the schedule…well, it turns out the studio is literally BRAND NEW. It hadn’t even opened yet lol. So, I decided to reserve a space in their fusion barre class on the very first day of business for this studio.

When Monday rolled around, I was super excited to try something new! I headed over to the next town, parked up and found this cute new place in the shopping center. When I got inside…a pit formed in my stomach….I was the only, ONLY person there for class. uh…

This studio is very ‘open’ and I didn’t want to be the center of attention, on the other hand, one-on-one classes, cool! Thankfully, 1 other person showed up so it was the two of us, 1 employee, and the teacher. The class was neat, a little unorganized, but perhaps thats to be expected.

The only bummer, I think I overworked my hip. I couldn’t even walk the dog yesterday or the day before. My hip is aching SO BADLY! I’m hoping it will just slowly go away….

Some good news: I got an honors in my previous GI rotation! That is the highest grade you can get and on the ‘comments’ section he simply wrote ‘excellent with patients, excellent student.’ It made my entire week to read that. Now, I have to get up the courage to go BACK to his office and ask him for a letter of recommendation. agh.

I’m currently at a local OMM doctor’s office. It’s a completely different ball game, but in a good way. I’m with 4 other classmates, all of whom I really adore, and we’re having a lot of fun so far. I’m also learning to trust my hands in treating SO much more and it’s only day 3.

Will be back with more info on the rotation soon, also thought this would be a good time to delineate between M.D. and D.O. on a nametag 🙂