You know what bums me out? That I’m up too early and most of my favorite blogs have not updated from the weekend. I like to have a cup o’ joe and update look through blog posts…and I’m in CA so I’m 3 hrs behind anyone on the East Coast, I suppose it makes sense that people have jobs etc… lol … I guess I should be studying anyway.

Yesterday I made the most delicious combination of veggies: green beans [really into these of late], large great northern beans – canned, shallots, chives, and last but not least about a tablespoon of worcester sauce (the secret ingredient) 🙂 DEEElicious!

photo-6Then, in the afternoon, my cousin called from downtown, she was sat at the bar with her boyfriend chatting to my husband as he worked (he was bar tending) AND she mentioned a going out of business sale at the store next door. I rushed down town and found some gems

Photo-7TOMS for 14 dollars!!!! What’s the catch?? Well…they were all mens sizing, so One of them is big and the other even bigger…My sister is going to take the ‘big’ ones b.c I think they’ll actually fit her well, and I’m going to enjoy my 14 dollar bigger ones with socks 🙂 and maybe I’ll try shrinking them. Amazing, no!?

Last, but not least, I wrote up a list of goals for my upcoming race. My FIRST race ever!! Will share soon, for some reason the post I wrote was deleted, so now I have to write it again, boo.

Starting a new rotation today!! OMM all day every day 🙂 Woo!!