I missed the boat on beach weather!! Yesterday was beautiful, sunny, light warm breeze and PERFECT for the beach. However, today was our beach day and this is what we have to work with:

photoShould’ve gone to the beach yesterday. I guess this means I HAVE to clean, study and prep for the week ahead.

Today includes 1 exciting thing though…

Grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning, laundry, studying, organizing, maybe some thrift shopping for a piece of furniture we’ve been needing, fusion barre at a new fitness place in town…::cough cough::  A FITNESS CLASS!! I haven’t been to one since cross fit…and that made me hurt so bad. I hear barre is hard, so I’m expecting the worst, but I’m super excited to be in a group class again!!

Also, yesterday was my man and my 7 year anniversary (for dating…when do you stop counting dating and just celebrate wedding?? Our 4 year wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks…is it time??) I still count both b.c I feel like we’ve been through so much. We dated across countries for 3 years!! Part of that time I was abroad in England (he’s English) and there were SEVERAL trips to see each other, but we mastered long-distance and I’m proud of it. The marriage has been easy compared to it, we live together and that makes planning life a LOT easier!

To celebrate, I’ve planned a surprise for my love. In 2 weekends we’re heading away for a romantic night in an airstream trailer (the old silver ones) that someone rents out on their malibu property, overlooking the ocean. I’m so excited to be secluded, in a beautiful place, with beautiful things to do around us — we can go to the beach, roam through the meadow, enjoy wine out side of our trailer watching the sunset…. ahhhhh

I hope he likes it!! {{He doesn’t read my blog, so no worry about him seeing it here}}

Off to officially start my day with coffee 🙂