Today has been one of those CA days that makes you just smile from ear to ear. I was able to sleep in, get up with my pooch, and enjoy my cup of coffee out on the porch in the glorious 70 degree weather with the beautiful sun beaming down on my skin. 

ImageThe pooch was around to enjoy the action and soak up the rays as wellImage

ImageHe has to stay on the yard leash while we’re in front b.c there isn’t a gate and if this pooch sees a cat take a stroll by, he’ll be on his merry way…chasing the cat….like he needs dinner. No bueno. 

After coffee, we had a run and walk around the neighborhood, ran for 30 minutes and walked briskly for 35, ended up in the back yard doing some box jumps onto and off of the porch. The dog thought that was fun…and then went crazy. Not really crazy, but the kind that is fun to watch and reminds you that pooches need to play games and have play dates too. It’s time for one for sure! 

Got home, had a massive lunch, headed over to a house in our friends neighborhood that’s for rent (we’re looking to move soon)…the house was crappy, got home and juiced some veggies 🙂 and got into a stupid fight with the man about moving (lame) and then got past that (yay) and am now packing for my mom’s house. 

I’ve got a lovely night with my mom and sister and our two pooches planned. Excited to get some family time in. 


And excited for the 3 day weekend. And the sun. And life. x