This week has been busy! Finished today, pooped and ready for a very restful weekend. I promptly took myself home, walked the pooch, ate more valentines day chocolates:

photo-6and have been relaxing and planning my weekend/upcoming weeks since.

Saying goodbye to everyone at the hospital and clinic was hard today. I have realllllly enjoyed all of the folks that have helped make this rotation so great, the nurses, medical assistants, techs etc… and especially the clinic staff! Most of all, I’ll miss rotating with my dear friend!!

photo-7Saying goodbye to colonoscopies and the lab wasn’t as hard, haha, but actually I’m really going to miss the procedures and the clinic work, it was an awesome rotation and I’ll be going back at some point for sure.

Valentines day was pretty uneventful, I stopped by TJ’s on the way home from work for beer, chocolates and a special can of wet dog food (you can’t forget your furry loves on vday!!) and when I got home, my sweet husband had flowers

photo-9chocolates (pictured above…and almost gone : / , dinner, and more beer šŸ™‚ We ate and then he went off to do some work and I did a fun workout with the pooch. I took him around the colleges and did some intensity training (is that what you call it?!). We ran up and down stairs, did squats, threw balls and raced to see who would catch it, all in all…exhausting at 9pm! I got home and slunk into bed and fell promptly asleep. Husband has been working on a script for the past month and is nearing a deadline, so he was up late.

Tonight has been filled with this

photo-10 photo-5


Planning life in my Georgia O’Keeffe planner…my FAV artist AND trying on my 5 pairs of warby parkers. This site is great! They send you 5 for trying on at home and they send them for free with all of the shipping labels and box for the return as well. I think I’ve settled on my favorites, but currently wearing a close second to see if they usurp the first place ranking. #2’s are red. hm…

photo-8Excited about this weekend. Will visit with mom and help her add rock to her yard, woot! Hopefully see sister for a brief visit, and most importantly spend some time gearing up for my next rotation!! Excited!! Also, will try a new fitness class, Fusion Barre, due to my groupon I purchased at 6am in bed when I was waking up and checking my email. Maybe I’ll make all of my decisions in the morning haze. Less time to ‘think about it’ and more time to DO! haha.