Woke up to a WEIRD dream and then husband brought me my HUGE cup of coffee with ‘its all good’ printed on the side. Indeed it is all good when I’m in bed with my pooch, coffee, sun streaming in from outside and my laptop perfectly positioned for my research on postcholecystectomy syndrome. Ahhhh

Yesterday we were slammed! It was 2 students (before it was 4) and the doc…we saw 33 patients in 4 hours (it was 4 because the doc had an emergency meeting at the hospital, so he was an hour late). Last night was a night to relax.

Today I’m thankful for the birds currently chirping outside as my bedroom door is open to the backyard, its a beautiful day here and I’m truly thankful for my life in California. I’m also thankful for the food we’re able to buy. We’ve been stocking up on healthy and nourishing food and I’m so appreciative that we’re always able to buy what we need. Finally, I’m thankful for my workout buddy: pooch. He has been my buddy the past week and I love him so x