It has been a great weekend!

I’ve been holding true to my desire to spend lots of time with the dog, instead of yoga I’ve gone hiking and running [both with the pooch which makes them SO much more enjoyable :-)] and I’ve just finished weeding and raking the back yard!

Heading to the horse trails to hike, my favorite co pilot

My favorite co-pilot and I off to the horse trails for a hike


playing ball with pops

Playing at the park with pops x

I also put together a big ol’ salad for the week, am currently roasting veggies [potato, sweet potato, chives, shallots and onions + olive oil/pepper/cayenne pepper/salt/rubbed sage]…and later will put something together for the morning. I LOVE having time to prepare meals, just simply one of my favorite things.

It was also a great weekend b.c I got some great friend time in. We were at a friends house on Friday, her husband made crab and we brought dessert — it was awesome!!!! I don’t know what he did, but it was loooovely and we enjoyed a very long dinner with giggles and full bellies. Today I hiked with my friend and her two pooches, both adorable and about 1/5 the size of Rooney, but the love each other all the same šŸ™‚

what i get to wake up to x

This upcoming week is my last week of GI. As mentioned before, I’ll be deciding if I should ask for a letter of recommendation. I’ll also be putting together my ‘thank you’s’ and my baked goods that I bring to say goodbye. I wish this rotation was 2 months long, then it would be perfect! That being said…I’m excited to move onto my next rotation in OMM.

P.S. this morning it was 39 degrees…in Southern California…again, toooooo cold!!

OH and I finally got new shoes for work {i ended up cutting off the tassels, I thought they were silly…}

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