You know you’re on too many medications when…you’re given 8 versed (sedative) via central line, on 15mg of dilaudid (mega pain meds), benadryl and fentanyl…and…you’re STILL wide awake.

One of our patients yesterday. I don’t blame him entirely, he’s young, has had several back surgeries, has some psych issues and I truly think the medical system mis understands him and has created some of his issues for him. On the other hand, he’s an adult and is responsible for his life. Yesterday was a rough day with him.

We tried to do an EGD (esophagogastrodudonoscopy) i.e.: scope down the mouth so see inside of his stomach, he has some symptoms that need explaining and he agreed to the scope etc… after we scoped him, he kinda went into another place, yelling, ripping things off of him, wanting to leave. I was so taken aback, but also concerned and upset. I felt like he was being very unfair, I felt like he needed a lot of help, and I felt like it was an experience that he had had before. I debriefed the experience a little with my friend on rotation with me and moved on. Sometimes its very surreal to be in medicine and have experiences that you just have to ‘move on’ from, esp for someone like me. I’m a talker, a feeler, a sympathizer 🙂 that’s what the husband is for, he always lets me vent!

Next week is my last week. I’m so sad about it, I wish this rotation was 2 months long. I’m vacilating back and forth between asking him for a letter of recommendation OR waiting until I can get another rotation with him and asking him after that etc… It’s so hard b.c they know we need letters and they know we don’t have a lot of time on rotations, but I still always feel like it’s premature to ask for one.  I should take a hint from the pre-med student that was shadowing me the other day, she walked right up to the doc and said {{note: this was her second afternoon with him and she wasn’t shadowing him, but rather me…so they don’t REALLY know each other}} “dr. ____, my uncle said you would be able to write me  a letter of recommendation for medical school” dr ___ : “yep”

haha…knowing people always gets you places!

Anywho…Off to the hospital and then back to school today during afternoon clinic, I have some stuff to take care of.

Excited for the weekend!! I plan on doing lots of yoga, dog walks and studying!!