The weekend went my so quickly, working on saturday helped to move it along, but man, where did it go?!

I had a great day at the clinic Saturday morning. I just keep thinking how grateful I am for the patients. They open up to me, help me learn, and are understanding enough to answer my questions as I perfect the history and physical portion of being a doctor.

Saturday the pooch was at ‘daycare’ ‘pooch camp’ whatever you wanna call it…the folks there on the weekend were so impressed with his jumping ability 🙂 thank god he hasn’t figured out that he can jump OVER things, yet. That evening we met up with some friends in LA for a birthday dinner that was amazing. We had delicious soups, salads, appetizers and the creamiest polenta EVER.

Yesterday was pretty low-key. A nice walk w the pooch in the AM, a visit with my mom in the afternoon and PM, Golden Globe watching and dinner with my lovely man. I did almost keep a stray dog though…

I can’t just watch them on the side of the road and LEAVE them!! I had to stop to pick up the hairiest, scrawniest, cutest little pooch. Ended up being very old, but had a harness on so I figured it must be someones. After nearly an hour of having her, feeding her, holding her, we went back to where we found her (i had already scanned her at the local vet hospital and no luck on finding a chip.) She ended up belonging to the first door we knocked on! Her name was coconut 🙂

I’m hoping today I get more responsibility in clinic. I think my preceptor has forgotten a little what it is like ot be a 3rd year student. H & P’s is alllllll we do and we’re pretty good at it! I know her patients come to see her (and some wait 1+ hrs to see her!) so I understand if she doesn’t want me seeing them instead of her, but at the same time, she opens her office up o students. Here’s hoping!