I got bangs! I’ve never had them…::cough:: never gotten them DONE. Oh, I’ve ‘had’ bangs, those really strange short ones that extend too far around your head because I cut them myself. Now though, I have real, professional bangs. It’s weird, some people don’t recognize me at all and other don’t notice the bangs.

photo-1 copy

Side note, it’s 28 right now in CA at 7:30 am…TOO COLD.

photo-2 copy

This past weekend was another wonderful one. My sister came out (has since began law school again, boo) we had a lovely hike w the pooch

photo-3 copy

worked on invitations to our celebration in October, a little early on those but we have family and friends that need to save way ahead of time, so off they go in the mail!

photo-4 copythis is my new best friend and I use it daily, the cuties are so happy before the needles 😦

photo-5 copyAnd last night I got to cuddle this:

photo-6 copyWe had a really interesting patient the other day that I’ll write about soon!