Um…have you every played peggle quest? it’s a super silly computer game…and we LOVE IT. when we lived in Santa Cruz and had literally no money, we’d look for free versions online that had a 60 minute limit and try to download them under new emails and as many times as possible. Don’t ask me why it’s SO fun, but for some reason, Ant and I enjoy cheering each other on while taking turns and we especially love the song that plays when you pass a level…its just really encouraging 🙂

Why does this matteR? Last night, we bought it! We had both been thinking about it, wanted to play it, had never spent money on a silly computer game before and then decided…hell…we’ve got a few dollars (it was 9.99 to be exact…I know…way too much for a computer game). I’m thankful for living alone, so nights like last night can be enjoyed free from judgment, in our own little world, playing peggle quest. it was awesome.

Clinic yesterday was also really good. We see so many patients! I love how busy the clinic is and I am really enjoying getting to see the behind the scenes day-to-day of running your own business. The fact that insurance can deny a  17 year old boy a visit to the specialist for a lump on his arm (when he previously had a lump on his hand that had been discovered to be cancer…) well, that’s beyond me. Everyday the doctor I’m with sees patients that have very little money and have very many problems. She helps them stay afloat and beyond that, she shows them that there is someone out there that cares about their well-being. Also, I got to leave early 🙂 woot!

Almost 2 weeks down and 2 to go with this rotation, time flies!