I’m FINALLY kicking whatever illness I had! Yesterday I felt great. Until the night…

I slept like poo and traded the morning dog walk for the nighttime one so I could sleep in. bless my love.

Yesterday I was thankful for: my health, indian food, nights with my husband.

I thought it might be fun to do a sort of ‘patient profile’ each week (or 1+ a week) from the clinic. I think this patient is particularly interesting b.c I keep racking my brain in hopes of finding a solution to her problems.

70 y/o female status post right knee replacement 2012. Diagnosed DMII w a HgbA1C of 8 something this June/July. Complaining of total numbness of both feet. Patient has been placed in a wheel chair to protect her from falling secondary to feet numbness.

This story really got to me. This woman took a long time to finally get her knee replacement…the motivation was so she could be more active with her husband. A few months after her replacement she’s experiencing numbness that is debilitating. Her neurologist says her neuropathy is from very progressed diabetes (which just in April her HgbA1C was 6.8 and her sugar check yearly prior to that was not high). It just doesn’t seem realistic that the diabetes is the cause. No one can figure it out.

I’m excited for more patients today, but will still be racking my brain!!