Had a lovely morning walk with the pooch

photo-1 copyNow that the house is empty and we’re moving onto the normal daily schedule, it feels a little lonely. I wish my mom and sister could live with us…

Last Fall I made an attempt to train myself into seeing more positive things. It’s so easy to get into the habit of noticing the bad and overlooking the good…so to do this (I watched a TEDTalk on it…) I’ve been recognizing 3 things I’m thankful for a day. Sometimes I’ll share w Ant, sometimes I’ll simply ruminate over them on my walk with the dog.

Today I’m thankful for my family, deeply and wholly thankful. I’m also thankful for Southern California weather, in spite of it being a chilly 40 degrees this morning (I know..not THAT chilly) it was sunny and wonderful on my walk. Lastly, today I’m thankful for the doctor that I’m rotating with. She’s so patient and it has been a real pleasure to be at her office. She’s also someone I can really learn from, at least 2 patients a day tell me ‘she’s the best doctor i’ve ever had.’ I hope I can hear that one day!