What a wonderful holiday season!

This season has been a rare one. I’ve had the TIME and OPPORTUNITY {note: these things do not come along often in medical school} to do a lot of seasonal things that otherwise fall by the wayside in light of rotations, studying and big tests.
First off, I’ve baked SO MUCH! I’ve made christmas quiche, pumpkin/orange bread, pumpkin cake, meatballs from Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, cookies, and lots of veggie juices!
photo-14Pumpkin Orange Nut Coconut Bread
photo-8 Quiche
photo-7 Gearing up for Christmas Day w Mom x
Secondly, I’ve spent an amazingly grand amount of time with my family!! My mom and sister have been at our place for the past several days, prior to this I spend 10 days with family and friends in Boston and DC, I have caught up with some long time college friends this break, and I’ve spent a lot of time decorating our home and gearing up for all of the seasonal festivities.
Here are some photos to recap what fun these past few weeks have been:
Whitensville, MA
Holiday beer w my babe xphoto-11 All ready for christmas! photo-2
Pooch is ready photo-10 Do you see that huge coffee mug? My favorite christmas gift EVER, its 2x the size of a large normal mug 🙂 This was Christmas morning…you gotta be properly prepped with coffee! photo-9 Cirque du Soleil IRIS for mom’s bday x it was amazing! photo-4 My Christmas gift to babe: ipic movie tix [if you haven’t gone, its a really fun movie experience in lounge chairs, unlimited popcorn, order drinks and food at your chair throughout the movie, and blanket + pillow to make for a very comfy movie watching experience. So fun! photo-17 photo-18 photo-16 Bowling w the cousins xphoto-6 Family doggy time walking around the neighborhood photo-3
There are also a good number of things to look forward to in 2013. I’ve never really looked at the year to come and thought, ‘look at all that’s to come.’ but for some reason this year, I’m feeling very thoughtful.
Does that mean I’m getting older?
This year I’ll finish my 3rd year of medical school, what!?!?!?!? This year is our ‘celebration of love’ …this might be confusing…but to make a long story short, we got married 4 years ago and never got to have a full reception with all of Ant’s family in England and mine here in CA. We have friends and family from all over, so its taken time to get our reception together and it’s finally happening in Oct 2013 in Joshua Tree. I’ll begin my 4th year of med school and begin auditioning at different hospitals for residency. Ant will begin teaching, we’re hoping to travel to England for Christmas and bring my mom and sister with us (their first trip to EuropE!!!), and finally, we’re highly considering starting the road to baby making 🙂
Something’s in the air, I don’t know what it is, but its time for babies in our family. Most of the cousins are paired off, most of the parents are itching for little sprogs, and things just seem to be telling us it might be time. We’ll see!
Here’s to a happy new year in 2013!!