I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow!

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I returned from my trip back East to 5 more days of relaxation before I start my next rotation tomorrow!!! I’m with an outpatient family medicine clinic. VERY excited for this next rotation and VERY VERY nervous.

My trip back East was wonderful! I spent 2 nights in DC visiting w old friends. Then I met my mom at the airport and we traveled together to Whitensville, Mass and spent 7 days with my aunt, uncle and nana. The day we left to come back to CA we got a little bit of snow, it was so lovely! I can’t lie, I was secretly hoping for a snow storm to keep us back there, don’t judge…I’m from Cali and we CRAVE the seasons 🙂

The only bummer of the trip was this: the night before my 8 hr amtrak train to Boston from DC…I awake at 1am. It seems something I ate during the day was plaguing me…and continued to do so until 6am rolled around: the time I was supposed to metro it to Union station. METRO + FOOD POISONING??? NO. I called a cab, hopped in (nauseated and not sure I would actually take the amtrak, but just knew I had to try). When I got to Union station (a 10 minute cab ride) they charged me 90 dollars….90 DOLLARS for the ride ‘fixed rate.’ my ass! I was too sick to argue. The day to follow was probably the longest day in my life. I literally can’t remember all of it, but I know that when I finally got to my Aunt’s house (after my mom’s plane was delayed by 3 hrs…and they lost her baggage!!) at 11pm, I passed out and slept over 12 hrs. Once I got over that hump, the trip was great 🙂

The next bummer?! I’m sick again!! When I started my surgery rotation in June…I got strep throat. I hadn’t had strep throat since I was 15 maybe?? and I subsequently spent the first week of that rotation SO SICK, feverish, in a ton of pain etc… and now, it looks like I might have it again 😦 I start my new rotation TOMORROW! I’m just praying for a fast turn around.

For something a little lighter, some pics from my wonderful visit home:



IMG_1992 IMG_1957 IMG_1933 IMG_1935 IMG_1921


I have to admit, a favorite of my time back East is visiting Dunkin’ often! My nana (pictured above, just had her 90th birthday and still shines!!) LOVES coffee. She has dementia and lives in a retirement home with care, but when we visit and we bring coffee–all is right w the world. She absolutely loves loves loves coffee…and who can have coffee without donuts? I think I ate my weight in donuts over there…hm…maybe that has something to do w getting sick again?

Excited to see patients again tomorrow!! I’ll be 1-on-1 with my preceptor, which I’m thrilled about. We start at 8 tomorrow and are hoping to end early for the holidays.

I’ll report back w how the first day went!


on another note…I miss fellowship and my fellows 🙂 x