Med school requires the purchasing of a LOT of STUFF. In the first semester we bought all of our ‘doctoring stuff’, i.e.: stethoscope, opthalmoscope, otoscope, reflex hammer etc… [side note: the students in the military have the BEST stuff b.c they have the money for it…just peek around, you’ll be able to tell! Just another reason I considered paying for med school via the armed forces]

As the classes pass by we buy books, question banks, every board prep product on the market and eventually more professional clothes to keep up with our new day-to-day.

Now that I’m on rotations, I have to be ‘up-to-date.’ 😉 literally and technologically. Before June 2012  I had the crappiest phone you could buy (palm pixie anyone?). Not really a ‘smart’ phone, if ya know what I mean. So come time for rotations, I purchased an iphone. I loaded my baby up w epocrates, medex, medscape, medcalc, diagnosaurus, iradiology, pepid etc… You become VERY accustomed to whipping your phone out to use it to answer questions from the residents, look things up they’re pondering, and generally prepare for the next 5 minutes of life on rotations. oh, and be on the same level as the other students.

I was all fine and dandy with the iPhone, and NOW people are all about the ipad! I have a kindle fire and love it. I use it on long trips, to pass time, and to bring with me when my 17 inch computer is simply too much. The downside? Not exactly usable in clinic.

LONG story for a very short and simple ending: I need an ipad [mini, so it will fit in my white coat easily] and now I have to jump back onto the tech boat and learn new things.

Oh yea, and spend hundreds of more dollars, awesome.