The semester is almost over and I can’t believe it! I’ve had an amazing time on fellowship and I have both fear and excitement bubbling up inside of me as my new rotation approaches. Next up is outpatient family medicine in a town close by. My goal for the next few days is to begin reading up on some of the most common problems seen in family med practices…blah.

Last night I hosted my first holiday party! I don’t know what it is, but aren’t holiday parties just more exciting than other ones? We decided since it was the last day of “Movember” we would do a creepy mustache/ ugly sweater party…it worked out great! Homemade pizzas, eggnog + rum, mulled wine, buttered rum, salad, chocolate covered goodies, and lots of other delicious snacks. We played games, danced and laughed together–definitely a great start to December!


Our place is small and we had 15 people total, which believe it or not filled the place to the brim. Once everyone had settled and they had said hello to Rooney (who I had behind a baby gate in our bedroom) I let the pooch roam free.

Needless to say, he stole the show. He went from guest to guest just waiting for them to give him a trick to do and then he waited for his treat. In fact he got so presumptuous that at one point he was licking the edge of a plate of chicken…obviously making half of the chicken inedible for our guests and thus his new treat. Love him x {but hate his table manners…haven’t figured out how to seriously train that out of him yet. if there is food, he will eat it…maybe a left over trait of being a stray?}

I’m in a funny place with my two man loves (husband and dog). I see things in the future: babies, work, life, more holidays etc… and I can’t help but be excited for Rooney to have a little playmate. I know he’s just a dog. I know I’ll end up loving my child a million times more than him. I just love this dog more than I ever thought I would. He literally fills my heart with warmth and love when he comes to cuddle me or when he whines in my face because he knows that I’m taking too long to leave on a walk. Yesterday my boys went on our neighborhood 5 mile hike in the rain. It’s up hill, down hill, dirt filled, and just a favorite of the pooch’s. Ant sent me a picture of the two of them soaked and then proceeded to explain how he had plans of showering our pooch off when they got home and then cuddling up with him before he went to work. Now, I know this doesn’t sound special. But, I can’t believe how full my life felt in that moment. So full. So precious.

IMG_0303My reindeer pooch x