1 Week to go of Fall Fellowship (after this week) –> visit dear friend in DC –> meet mom at Logan and travel to visit family in Whitensville –> family Christmas party fun + time w Grandma + bliss –> back to Cali for week-long holiday festivities –> back on rotations Christmas Eve –> finish third year rotations by Oct 2013! What?! Time flies…just yesterday I was a crazy first year student…now I’m 1.5 years away from residency.

On surgery w one of my favorite people!

The fellowship has been amazing. Teaching is a totally unique beast and I love it and am hesitant about it at the same time. It has challenged me and pushed me into moments that make me uncomfortable, but those moments have fostered growth and discovery. I have worked with an amazing group of fellows the past 4 months. I feel like I have a new family, a new balance, a new commitment to OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment) and I can’t wait to get out into clinic and see patients!!

Trying to sleep in the on-call room or…

enjoying fellow’s retreat at the beach. the latter please 🙂

I’ve missed the hospital and clinic but know that 3 months from now I will be VERY thankful for this respite I’ve enjoyed. While my counterparts are just about hitting the halfway mark, perhaps burning out, I’ll be entering refreshed and super ready to rock rotations. The only bummer…I’m behind by 4 months in terms of practice and knowledge…let’s hope I learn fast!

My first rotation back is a family medicine outpatient clinic in town. My previous rotation got cancelled b.c the doc will be heading out on vacation, so I don’t actually know a lot about this particular physician. I’m simply VERY excited to gain some outpatient family med experience. My previous family medicine rotation was inpatient (meaning in the hospital) which was basically an internal medicine rotation. Since I’ve got a large interest in family medicine I think it’s pretty important I get a feel for an outpatient clinic and see how I like it.

What else is new? The dog has surgery this Thursday. He’s having anal gland extraction surgery (we’ve spent the past year attempting to bulk up his stool to avoid this, but alas, the time has come). The doc we’re using is a surgeon (most vets are surgeons also, but this lady has done extra training and is a specialized vet/surgeon) and does these all of the time and will be using a laser…we’ve hear they have better results with that. Why the hype? Well, the biggest complication of this surgery is damage to the anal sphincter … this means he could experience fecal incontinence. …this means he might leak poop. We’re REALLY hoping it goes well. He’s had a lot of pain and discomfort from these and I just want him to not have to worry about it. Sweet pooch, love him so.

The husband is well. He’s starting substitute teaching soon! Sister is in law school and thinks its pretty crappy, hoping it gets better soon. I hear this first year is the worst, I hope that’s true!

The holidays are coming!! This is when Pinterest is my favorite past time…just love all of the holiday arts and crafts x

Excited to enjoy the holidays w these two x