Yesterday was the BIG DAY (#1) for my USMLE. Arrive on time, took the 8 hr exam, came home, celebrated by 26th bday (woohoo for board exams on the bday), saw my sister and mother (sister is back from a farming trip and I’ve missed her oh so much!!)

This morning the husband finalized last minute errands, packed his bag and set off on a 2 week adventure to visit family and friends in England. My sister has officially taken over role as housekeeper and dog walker as I furiously study for COMLEX (the DO board exam on Thursday…9 hrs!!). Then thursday night we’re off o visit family in MA!

Thursday I’ll be taking my test and the sister will be dropping the pooch off for a fun 5 days at the doggy ranch (we’ve NEVER left him this long and I’m experiencing serious separation sadness…he knows we’ll come back right?)

This is all a moment of transition. As life shifts from what was previously known as the first 2 yrs of med school to now what will be known as the LAST 2 yrs of med school. I will take a 2 week vacation (SO SO excited, I’m going to meet my man in England after a week in MA), upon arrival home I will love and cuddle my pooch more furiously than I ever have before, and then 2 days later I will start my clerkship/clinical rotations with surgery and my best friend from school. I CANNOT wait for this transition.

Being that I’m still needing to take this pesky exam on Thursday, I can’t get too far ahead of myself. I need to study, I need to re-memorize SO many things, but at the same time, I need to decompress. I need to pack for vacation, enjoy my pooch 😦 before I leave him, get the house sorted to be empty for a week, and cuddle my mom and sister (not sure when…but it’s oh so important).

On that note, I’m going to go transition back into crazy study bug.

I already miss my babe and my pooch (the pooch isn’t even gone, anyone else love their dog like a child??) ❤