I need to bring my ID, ear plugs, electrolyte and caffeine rich foods/drinks to the exam, bring gum?, bring registration form, leave 45 mins early, STAY CALM!!

The day is nearing, I’ve already visited the test site so I know how to get there and what to expect and now I’m in “GO” mode. Of course, the thing that keeps me relaxed and OK with life is to remember that life is bigger than this moment and that this is just that, a moment. I’ve done what I can and will continue to do so and whatever comes out of that is OK. 

My grandma was adopted in Chicago in the early 1900’s and so we don’t have a lot of family history for her side. In spite of no ‘official’ background on her, the whole family kinda thinks she had American Indian in her. Maybe we’re crazy, maybe we’re right on, but I know that I’ve always resonated with American Indian music, ideals and the so amazing ‘ten commandments.’ I wasn’t raised religiously and so this philosophy rings so true to how I was raised–with the idea that we respect our Earth and one another and that is the way to live, not because a sacrifice from one person in history, but because we take from the Earth and others and thus you have to give back, it’s just what needs to happen. So today this is what I remember: 



“Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect

Remain close to the Great Spirit

Show great respect for your fellow beings

Work together for the benefit of all Mankind

Give assistance and kindness wherever needed

Do what you know to be right

Look after the well-being of Mind and Body

Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater Good

Be truthful and honest at all times

Take full responsibility for your actions” 


For me, THAT is what life is about. This test on Monday is a part of my role in that.