I don’t know when or how the name began, she’s my grandma, but I call her Nana. My mom’s mom was grandma, but my dad’s mom became ‘Nana.’

This past year she fell and is 89 years old. This led to infection, which led to nutrition issues, which led to some more complications, which eventually led to her being in a facility where she has care and help with daily tasks. Her home was made in the 1800’s

snowy & rainy

The only bathroom is upstairs and she’s an 89 year old living by herself, needless to say it was harder for her to get around and now she has help with all of it. The reason my post is about her is because I start my course on geriatrics today.

I was close with my other grandma and also feel extremely close w my nana, so this subject is near and dear to my heart. I only hope I can grow into the women they were and are.

Nana is still kicking and often laughing her way through life:

and other days she’s serious (rarely!)

Love you Nana! I’m going to learn lots in class for you and will be brimming w knowledge on your care when I visit in JUne xxxxxxxxxxx