Good Morning world. This is Haleakala again…I love these pics I took, they can breathe life into any day for me

July 2011 Haleakala Crater, Maui, HI

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my peds class it’s this: you want your kid to have normal genitalia — especially in this society. Out of all of the issues that can plague children when they enter the world, I feel like this one is the most ‘taboo’ and probably the most uncomfortable one to deal with (because of society’s reaction, not because it should be by any means). So when my first baby comes out…I’m not going to ask if it’s a boy or girl, I’m going to ask: is everything fully formed?!

And today I take my final and move on to geriatrics. Woo!

I did a sun salutation this morning, it filled me with breath and energy, excited to get this exam over with and then my last quiz in emergency med! I also woke up w anxiety about finding out if I got the fellowships or not…agh…if only life were this careless all of the time:


And so the road to becoming a doctor continues. Have a good day!

The Road to Hana, the back way up near the crater