It has been a year since I started the blog! I don’t know EXACTLY the day (of course I could go look in the archives) but doesn’t really matter…what does is that I’ve incorporated something into my life for a year and stuck with it…I know I know…not DAILY but definitely more than any other journal/blog ever attempted on my end.

I always read (a blog that is a mix of food/health/running/and most importantly dog pics ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you’ve probably read it, it’s pretty good.

Her guest post today was on how stress can affect health. I felt like this was so poignant seeing as though my life literally consists of sitting 8+ hrs a day (often much more), constantly increasing levels of intense stress and fear of failure, and sleep deprivation ~ 70% of the time.

It’s no surprise then that I’ve gained 10 lbs since starting school. This was really upsetting when I first found out at the doc, especially because I have been within the same weight range (+/_ 2lbs) for the past 7ish years. And even though I’ve started walking and running more than I used to (per the dog’s lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve still gained weight! I can tell it’s not ‘muscle gain’ b.c my pants don’t fit the same-nuff said.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful w little things that I can let get to me. Like when studying really late into the evening after a full day of working….I want sweets and I feel like I deserve them..but then I read: ‘What I miss about 135 lbs’ section where she says she misses the 4th piece of pizza…but doesn’t miss uncomfortable pants and I realize not eating the cookies at 11pm isn’t deprivation, but rather that’s taking care of myself-and I deserve it. That’s hard to believe when you REALLLLLY want that sugar boost.

Also, I’m trying to keep my stress in check (ha!) and go to bed earlier (ha ha!) but seriously…I’m trying.

I know that my metabolism isn’t great. I also know that I carry weight well — meaning it often won’t show to other people. This is great, but awful at the same time b.c it can get pretty easy to just sneak by slowly gaining weight that’s making my life harder and simply adding to my stress.

Goal for today:

-Release negative stressful thoughts in my mind instantly: recognize them, breathe them away (this worked wonders for my mental health after renal)

-Drink lots of water…I always forget this one and is generally on my ‘goal’ list

-Do something for myself (probably a Dave Farmer yoga podcast…LOVE them)

-Go to bed before midnight!!! I have an exam tomorrow and a big quiz, MUST let my brain rest and transfer what I learned today into my memory stores

-And lastly, feed my body for what it NEEDS not what my cortisol levels tell me I need