I always find myself wanting to write on here when I have a lot to do. It just seems so appealing to take time, create a space for thinking, and share what’s on my mind. No doubt this is a way for me to de-stress in times of overwhelming responsibility…and I like it. I used to only write if I was angry. When I found my several journals from when I was a kid, they all had 3-4 entries, never finished, and were only entries where I vented about something upsetting. I just never had the inspiration to write when I was happy, and to be honest, I thought it was kind of a pain to sit and write.

However, now I feel like writing has really served me well at times of stress and happiness in my life. It offers me time to reflect on what joy I’m experiencing or what life is throwing at me. Currently I’m in my last 4 wks of this school year. Say what?!?! I’m nearing the end of my second year of med school!!!

Because I’m at a DO school (I know…post still to come on the distinct differences bw MD and DO) but for now just know that we’re the same in both of us take our medical licensing exam (step 1) this year. We have to pass to go onto 3rd yr and we have to do well depending on what residency we want to eventually apply to.

So back to the original point, because I’m at a DO school we get out later in the year (like a month later than a lot of our MD counterparts!) b.c we have more in our syllabus with the manipulative medicine component and when I take my board exam on June…I’ll be taking 2! I’m taking the DO boards and the MD boards…mostly because some residency programs are still in the dark ages and want every applicant to have taken the USMLE (MD boards), so JUST IN CASE I end up applying to one…I need to have passed it and done well 🙂

SO the schedule goes: end school May 5, study from May 5-June 2 hard core for boards (like 14 hrs a day study…basically reviewing everything we’ve learned in our first 2 yrs of med school), June 4 take COMLEX Step 1 (DO boards)…June 5-6 study more….June 7 take USMLE…that night leave for vacation!

Suffice to say I’m counting down the days.

But this weekend is bringing its own challenges before we get to May. I’ve got 5 exams this next week. Monday I have my pediatrics final, emergency medicine quiz (but more like a mini test as its 10% of our grade), OMM practical wednesday, OMM written final thursday and our essentials of clinical medicine written final after the OMM one on Thursday. The week after brings 4 more exams…and then we have intro to our clinical rotations, ASLC training, find out if I got the fellowship (OMG its been SUCH A LONG PROCESS…can’t wait!) and enter board study hell.

I’ve been trying to stay balanced. I look back on the dark days of renal in November and remember how I psyched myself out for that 1 exam covering 4 weeks of intense material…agh! My mind got the best of me and I will NOT LET THAT HAPPEN w boards or the end of the school year.

I keep my eyes on this guy:

patiently waiting for me to come love him and leave my stupid studying behind x

and try to remember moments like this:

we made a fort over spring break and the pooch LOVED it...i think he thought we made it for him 🙂

and be thankful for times that I get to celebrate accomplishments with my classmates and dear friends:

Honors Day at school, made me teary eyed knowing we'll all be spreading out next year


I’ve been up for a while, studied, walked the dog, made food, studied, napped, studied, and have just made myself a glorious espresso + cinnamon + steamed soy milk concoction and it is just what the doctor ordered 🙂

oh…and…I’m obsessed w birthing/birth stories/women’s health/babies etc… (you can see why I came to med school to be an OBGYN) so I’ve been spending some quality time w some of my favorite blogs about medicine/birthing. Thought I’d share in case you TOO are amazed w the female body and the miracle of life!






That’s it for now … Enjoy the weekend!