I’m on spring break and it’s awesome! I know that this is the LAST spring break of my life and I know that I need this break for mental and emotional wellness. I’m looking forward to a lot of time spent NOT stressing out about anything and instead enjoying the everyday activities that I have to otherwise ignore when in school.

At the end of every second year medical students academic year, we take the first step of our medical licensing exam–what?! We’re on our way to becoming licensed?? Yes…and this means that June 4 and 7 are my big ticket days. 9 hour exams. This score can dictate my residency and will certainly dictate whether or not I continue on for my 3rd and 4th years (you have to pass, obviously). So for a lot of medical students, spring break is the perfect time to study…

I can’t do it. I just can’t bring myself to dedicate this beautiful down time to studying. I might pick up my book for a few hours, I might listen to a few lectures, I will certainly try not to feel guilty over my lack of studying and most of all…I’m going to avoid all conversations where someone starts off saying “I studied so much over spring break.” uh, not good for my mental health.

Instead, I’m spending time with my man, my family, friends and pooch!


This is me sleeping with the dog one evening after a long day at school…oh the days are long.

So far I’ve spent a lovely day in LA celebrating St Patricks day:


and on a hike with the the pooch and pooch friends! We started walking in the mist, then the sun appeared, then the clouds came out with more rain, and then surprise snow! and finally more rain to finish it off–it was doggy heaven 🙂


Pure doggie heaven

Lastly, Ant (my husband) and I got married 3 years ago this March. We couldn’t afford a big wedding, his family is in England and we didn’t get to have them out, so we’ve started to plan the wedding we never had! We’re so very excited to be in the planning stages of a very fun-filled and love-filled vacation within the next 1.5-3 yrs (really depends on money and school schedule).

Oh and what else have I been doing? Cooking and juicing with my newly acquired time!!



eating crab with friends…


My sister leaves on another WWOOFING trip (www.wwoof.org/) on Thursday so we’re having dinner at our place on Tuesday. I’m going to meal plan, cook, and enjoy the time I have to do all of those lovely things! And of course, be sad my sister is leaving until June 1.


I’m back in school **this post was written when I had time int he beginning of spring break and now I’ve got a final…agh! Where does time go? Spring break was awesome…after June 7 life will be EVEN MORE AWESOME. X