Sometimes I know we all just want to throw in the towel and NOT DO ANYTHING. I know when I’m really challenged by life/school/relationship/the dog sat at my side whining right now, I tend to freeze in fear of failing in my attempt to tackle those issues. ESPECIALLY with school! I figure out I’m afraid of all of the hard work, realize if I don’t try it I won’t know what failing feels like, and I don’t do anything…the worst thing ever.

Renal kicked my ass, seriously, waiting to hear back on how I did in the course and a little worried. I look back on this class and realize that I totally psyched myself out. I dealt with stress very poorly, had major test anxiety, and didn’t do enough review to get the grade I wanted. MUST. STOP. THIS.

Had an appointment with the woman that academic excellence office. She’s awesome. Lots of tips on how to de-stress, decrease my sympathetic nervous system overdrive (which I’m seriously in 24/7), sleep better, and nail exams. She also gave me one serious study schedule. I’m making an effort to swap to this new way, but finding it a little difficult b.c there is so much to remember!

This woman is an inspiration to me daily. She has persevered through so much. I actually dressed up as her in 8th grade once…no one knew who I was (we were supposed to be famous figures of history and everybody did FDR, JFK etc…)

Gloria Steinem