Today I went to yoga and thought my pants were thick and fine for a morning yoga class. As I’m doing triangle pose and my head drops for a moment to look at my bum in the mirror (you do it too) well, thats when I realized, no. these pants are not OK for this kind of stretching. uh…shit. Bummer because I tried to save the guy behind me from a view of my behind all class and to save face a little, but as a result didn’t get into all of the stretches like I would have. Lesson learned.

BUT got some yoga in! Didn’t even do any reading before I left, which was awesome. Lately my mornings start with a good hour or two of reading before breakfast, and honestly, its lame. Going straight to yoga was way cooler.

Then I went to the library. The library was packed today! I generally go to the local private college library b.c there’s a cafe inside, which leads to easy access of tea and goodies, but the college kids must have midterms or something b.c I ended up sitting in a couch/chair combo with my notes on my lap. Needless to say, wasn’t too productive for the first hour. But then I finally snagged a table, which means productivity.

I focused on the physiology today. It was rough, a lot of graphs. I’ve come back to this power point several times and it took me seriously 4 hours to finish this beast. It’s hard sometimes because I’m surrounded by classmates that can go to lecture, take notes, and be done–they will remember what was said and just need to do 1 review before the exam. Thankfully I’m not alone in needing to read/re-read/write notes/re-write notes etc… there are a lot of us, but sometimes its hard to keep going. Today I was at yoga with a friend, she hadn’t studied all weekend and didn’t plan on studying at all today, not because she slacks on school work in any way, but because she actually doesn’t need to. She went off to ride horses, I went to the library. blah.

Of course, I ran into a good number of other classmates while I was at the library.

I have 1 week until my cardio final (agh!!), find out about my interview for the fellowship this week (i hope i get one!!), and an OMM practical midterm 2 days after my final in cardio (uh oh…I’ve been neglecting that)

What’s OMM? Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine…basically what sets us apart as osteopathic physicians VS allopathic. If I get the fellowship, it’s a teaching fellowship, meaning I stay an additional year in school to teach the 1st and 2nd yrs and I would be teaching OMM! One of these days I’ll expand on what exactly that is and the differences in MD v DO medical schools, not tonight though. I have to go read about infective endocarditis.

Little fun fact: the most commonly afflicted valve in infective endocarditis due to IV drug use is the…