This year of school is all about what’s ‘board relevant.’ This year we take our Step 1 exam of the medical licensing exam, obviously this is a pass fail kind of thing…and ya have to pass to be able to do the doctor thing with real patients. Suffice to say, there’s a lot riding on it. So we’re always wondering…what’s board relevant and what is the extra information we need to know for our classes [which is generally a lot more than what we’ll need to know for boards, yay!]

Cardiology has been kicking our butts the past few weeks and today a few of the 3rd and 4th year students offered to put together a review for us. It was awesome! In general any sort of review can either be great or crap–this one was great. They put together a ppt, they had questions prepared to test our retention, they had music, and in about 2 hrs they managed to review most of what we’ve learned in the past 2 weeks: awesome. And to add to it, they did a perfect job of highlighting what out of all of this jumble was board relevant, just what we’re looking for.

Today was a good day for 1 main reason, my sister took her LSAT and thinks it went great, oh thank goodness! She’s been studying for months…like about 5 (not continuously…but almost) Basically her first scheduled test fell through (aka she didn’t realize she didn’t finish the registration part and the night before when she went to print her ticket…well…she was REALLY bummed–don’t judge, she was working CRAZY hours and was exhausted the past 2.5 yrs) and then she re-scheduled it and saddled back up like a trooper. I’m so proud of her.

Isn’t the heart amazing?

this is what it looks like, right?

see, so simple, just a few round edges to learn about. no biggie.

We had a blast the past 2 days in Palm Springs with Ant’s parents. The dog was loving the sun and the pool fun [not that he willingly got into the pool, but rather that he ran around it like a crazy dog] but we love him.

We did a lot of this:

he's stronger than all of us. period.

and thisand what we like to call, scuba dog:

he actually blew bubbles every time he dunked his head, bless

and now he is currently pooped! perfect for some quiet study time

yes, that entire couch is his...he's actually our leader

On tonights agenda:
-get excited about yoga tomorrow morning
-get excited about grocery shopping tomorrow
-read about normal heart sounds and try to understand what, click, rubs, machine-like and rumble have to do with the heart
-obviously: cuddle the dog on the couch.