A note to those interested:

-be ware, its rough

-choose somewhere you’ll be HAPPY not where you’ll be miserable (things that go into making you happy: location, type of philosophy, school support, positive current student feedback)

-know it will be OK and these first two yrs suck for everyone [on top of our harder class load, board studying starts this year, woo, fun, woo..]

-tomorrow I get to be a doctor to a standardized patient who will have chest pain. i will decided what to do, write my note, do the physical exam, it will rock.

-next month i get to talk to high school students about being in medicine, it will rock.

-this month i applied to be a teaching fellow at my school (stay in med school 1 extra year to teach at the school) i’ll let you know what i hear back!

-i haven’t ran in 9 days. no time.

-i love learning about medicine.

-yesterday my mother-in-law asked me what to do for joint pain, this is just 1 in a long list of questions i now get about health from family and friends…most of the time, i have no idea what to say. i suggested Vit C and water. that can’t hurt, right?

-last month my cousin asked me if blood was really blue. she had me going for a while as to why she was convinced of it, but i finally prevailed- 5 yrs of undergrad and 1 yr of med school under my belt and i CAN explain some stuff.

this is what i feel like in the 11th hour of studying

-oh! and i haven’t had my hair trimmed in 16 months. need. to. get. to. a. hair. professional.