hey, how you doin?


It has been almost a month since I last posted! I either feel like writing or I don’t and if I don’t there is no forcing a fun exciting post about life–I’m just not that creative. A lot has been precipitating these past few weeks and I’m currently in Dana Point overlooking the ocean in a beautiful beach house. Ant’s parents surprised him for his birthday!

We’ve been working on this surprise visit (from England!) for months and as the weeks neared there were clues, hints, and even moments where Ant figured it out. But I held out! I made every attempt to throw him off the track and make him think we had all sorts of random things planned, but when it came down to last Wednesday afternoon, sat in our house, perfectly cleaned, new table, just waiting around for his early ‘birthday surprise’ I think he had pretty much figured it out. As the doorbell rang, he looked at me ::i had the largest smile on my face, i just can’t hide anything!:: he said to me, “I wonder who that could be?” and low & behold his parents had just arrived from their 2 hour treck from LAX in full-force traffic: Welcome to Southern California!

It was over 90 degrees outside and they wanted a cup o’ tea. Done. Hot, piping, English cup of tea with milk & 1 sugar–I have missed them so much!

he was so excited about their visit he buried his face in sand...not really...but isn't he cute!


No pics of the inlaws as I don’t know if they’d like that and since no one knows that I blog, I’d rather not risk it later on.

So for the past week we’ve been having lots of fun with the parentals. They rented this beach house and will be moving on to their next rental in Palm Springs in the next few days. This was their first time meeting our first child: Rooney the pooch, and they love him! They made a special effort to have the houses be dog friendly, which has been awesome b.c there haven’t been any issues of ‘who’s going to watch the dog’ etc…

AND Rooney had his first trip to the beach! Totally underwhelmed…

exploring the scene with my mom


It was fun seeing him explore, but I would have appreciated some bouncing around!

Some other fun news: I brought a stray dog home!

isn't he sweet?

While I was walking Rooney one night this little sweetie was visiting all of the neighborhood dogs on their walks, tail wagging, nose sniffing, eager to play. He is clean, had a collar with the tags chewed off, and wasn’t afraid of dogs! Rooney instantly wanted to play with him and as I kept walking I realized I couldn’t just leave him. My thoughts turned to, “what if rooney is lost one day and no one cares to take him in and show him love as i freak out and search for my dog!?!?!” well, this is hopefully part of the karmic circle. I just felt like this little guy (who I originally thought was a lady) had a home. So I called Ant, had him bring me a leash, and I walked home with my 2 dogs.

I had the vet scan him for a chip-yes he has one! The unfortunate part, its listed under a disconnected number. I put a post up on craigslist, called the pound, and reached out to any friends that might want a dog. No owner found 😦 I think he may have been deserted.

Rooney and him became fast friends, tearing up the house and playing 24/7. Good news is, currently my neighbor has him and is trying to integrate him into her family with their dog–its going so-so and I think for now, he has a good home. If you know him, contact me!!

doggie friends

In some other news, I’ve picked yoga classes up again. At LA Fitness they have some pretty good ones and they have them 5+ days a week, which is awesome–definitely a positive addition to my days.

The only other happening in this lady’s life is school. Of course, my full time relationship. Recently its been a little shaky, why does it have to test me so much? Some days I think we’re in a good place and others, I think its best we don’t speak. I’m currently in the cardio system, amazingly interesting and REALLY hard. This last test kicked my bahootay, and this next one, will probably do the same. I’m reaching out to some friends to see what they’ve been doing to study b.c clearly what I’m doing isn’t the greatest. Its so so discouraging to work your butt off for 7 days straight, not get a weekend [ever], sacrifice sleep-health-relationships-happiness [you get the picture] and not do very well on the test! I’m trying to change something, I’ll let you know how it goes.

OH & my cousin had his baby boy!!! The FIRST new baby in our family!! She had a home birth with an amazing midwife and it all went super well. The baby is adorable, the family is in pure bliss, and I can’t wait to meet him!

I leave you with these…

our little family x

My man turned 27 yesterday-he’s officially an adult. weird. i love him so ❤