This weekend has been all about studying. I’ve got my endocrine final tomorrow which will be a long test and I’ve been hiding out inside all weekend studying for this madness. The thing about medical school is that its not super hard. The information makes sense, the professors are there to help you, you have experts in each field at your finger tips. The issues is the amount of information you’re supposed to learn. It’s a lot!

On top of learning the norm for each system of the body, we learn the disorders, the presenting systems, the testing that should be done, the treatment options and the follow up. Within those treatment options there are countless drugs with countless mechanisms of action, side effects, uses and prescription interactions. So, suffice to say, there’s a lot to know and that’s the hard part.

I’ve found since starting med school that I can remember something with relative ease. I always had a good memory, but now its like lightning. But this has surprised me most in everyday life–for example we’ll be out, someone needs to remember a number, name, etc… I’ll hear it and know if for the next week. I consider that my full-time job at the moment and I’m good at it. However, when under pressure, Sunday before the exam, alone in thous house, 3rd cup of tea in hand…it can be a little more challenging. As long as I remember to breathe, clear my head, and calm my nerves, I know I will be OK.

Another thing I’ve become very comfortable with since starting school is the amount of tests we take. Previously in undergrad you take 2-3 large tests per class and they’re often a month or more apart. Currently I’m taking a test a week or every other week. All of them important, a lot of them over 100 questions, and each and every one determining our status in the class. So I’m also very comfortable with the stress that surrounds a test of my knowledge. The fact that I don’t get a weekend off (even though its my cousin’s baby shower today!) I have to study.

I have, however, found a light in this lame dark office: my new favorite breakfast!

2 wheat free waffles (from TJ’s), one with sunflower butter and fresh strawberries on top and the other with a fried egg white with feta cheese on it. Oh yes, SO delicious! Keeps me going for a few good hours as I use up all the glucose my body has through thinking 🙂

If people tell you that your brain eats sugar, they’re right. Thats all if wants to eat. More importantly, your red blood cells ONLY eat sugar (glucose) so you HAVE to have a little sugar in your life, after all your blood is pretty important! But thats also why when you’re studying or using your brain a lot, you’ll start to crave something sweet –> your body needing glucose.

Today the pooch will only get 1 walk. I’m hoping to goodness gracious that he will sleep through the night and it wont bite me in the butt…I just don’t have the time for 2 hrs of walking!

Thats it. Enough procrastination. A nice outlet for the ADD side of me that wanted to avoid reading.

I think I’m going to go grab a cookie 🙂 Happy Sunday!