last night i enjoyed my solo friday. while i was on my walk/run with the pooch in Claremont, I considered my options.

-Solo glass of wine at an outdoor patio with a nice meal
-Dinner on the porch with the pooch
-Solo movie and quick meal in town

Actually decided on:

-Movie at home with home made curry and cider 🙂

I really love my solo time, while I could have been studying all night, I decided it should be a night of relaxation and that today would be a good day to study my booty off. Of course its already 10am, haven’t walked the dog, my mom is on her way into town and I’ve been skyping with my man…but thats ok, I’m sure I’ll be productive soon.

uh oh...this isn't productive

yep, its gonna be a few more hours until I'm a little more on track with what to do today...I just can't resist the amazingness of coffee ice cream

I’ve got my endocrine final on Monday of the coming up week (not the Monday in 1 day…but the one after). I need to be productive, but its been difficult with the poochie, again reiterating the fact that I would not be able to have a dog on my own.

i can do it! actually...endorcines not that bad, esp in med school, b.c knowing those structures isn't IMP, just knowing their action is...thank god i'm not a chem grad student!

My curry recipe, well I said it was homemade b.c I added things, but the curry base was the yellow curry in a jar from TJ’s. Delicious! I think the curry is a little strong, so I always add 1/2 can or more of coconut milk to it, which makes it a little more mild and stretches it to last a little longer! You can also add water if you don’t want rich milk in it.

I added:
-4 red potatoes
-1 chopped carrot
-10 crimini mushrooms
-1/4 onioin
-1 cup of cut up kale
-1/2 cup of coconut milk + 2 cloves garlic + pepper and salt to taste with the veggies before adding the curry sauce.
-1/2 cup long grain brown rice

thats the good stuff

DELICIOUS! It was great with a nice cider and warmed my tummy 🙂