I’m here, the man is in England, the pooch is at Doggy Day Care (a local working Ranch) — an empty nest indeed! Ant left on Tuesday, so it has officially been 2.5 days  for me and the pooch being on our own. I’m realizing a lot of things.

-A recent love for pineterest!
-I don’t like being home alone (well, I knew this one before he left…this has solidified it)
-I have never lived by myself. I have lived ‘on my own’ for 7 yrs, but always with a roommate! And when Ant and I moved into together I was never left at the house on my own…and as a result, I was very nervous about this upcoming 2 wks.
-Homework is not my top priority while being home alone, instead I act like its a holiday and I eat coffee ice cream into the wee hours of the night as well as drink ginger ale–thats right, I’m a crazy girl.

-I am very sensitive to the dog’s feelings. Now that its the two of us I feel like I owe him more 1 on 1 time and don’t want to neglect him

-Today was his first day at doggy day care and I almost cried when I took his leash off and handed him over, is that pathetic?

OH and one biggie: I am instantly VERY aware of everything my sweet man does around the house and in our daily life. He is wonderful and I miss him.

In other news, I’m attempting to pretend like school has not started back up (in spite of the exam on Monday) I’m looking at some new ways to spice up the house with some lavender and hydrangeas, they’re pretty, fresh, clean, and lOVE THE SCENT of the lavender 🙂

look at those pretty hydrangeas!