I decided when I started this blog that I wasn’t going to feel guilty or bummed if I miss a post–I’m busy and life is intense. I’m writing this for myself and for my own clarity. So if some days I am not compelled to write OR I don’t have the time to reach the computer to blog…its OK.

I’ve reached a point in life where I really hate feeling regret. Thus, I’ve taken on a new perspective that I try to follow through with: if I want to do something, I do it. If I don’t do something, I must not have wanted to do it. It was a choice I made and I won’t feel regret for it. Life goes on. Move. Breathe.

if she can, I can: move...breathe...

In the past few weeks a lot of things have god down. The man love and I have built a deck at our new place. I said goodbye to my sister as she embarked on her move back East. I spent time with my mom, with my man, with my pooch, and with my friends in preparation for the start of another school year. Today is that start-and the beat goes on…

the pooch taking life one day at a time with his doggie love 'oscar'


I’m going to write some separate posts on my recent activity to really spill the beans about whats been going down.

Overall my summer was awesome. I feel refreshed and excited to tackle this year and end on a high note–yes I already want to end.

Maui was incredible, the new place has been a lot of fun, I’ve lounged on the couch several days in a row, spend countless hours laughing and arguing with my sister and mom, walked my pooch more miles than I did total in the last months of school and very importantly: spent a LOT of time with my man. He’s lovely. I already miss it.

Speaking of that lovely Brit…he’s leaving me!! He’s traveling to England in about a week for a friends wedding and I’ll be on my own for over 2 wks with the pooch and school…not my idea of  a good time. Its weird, I am an independent person. I LOVE my along time, I need it to recharge, I would probably even verge on having a social anxiety and would spend all day by myself if I didn’t have an outgoing partner like I do. So generally when I’m going to have a day or two alone, I’m psyched! I like having to only worry about myself at moments and especially while in school it can be much easier to only think of me. However, whenever my love or sister plan on leaving for a longer period of time–I become very dependent. It makes me sad to think about being alone for 2 wks and it also stresses me out knowing the pooch only has me to rely on. There is no way I’d be able to have a pet alone, and thats what will be happening. I’ve looked into doggie day care at a local ranch–he’s had his meet and greet and I’ll probably be taking advantage of it more than once a week–but in reality, it still freaks me out to take care of him by myself. He might be a little chunky and crazy when the man comes home. And the beat goes on…

do you think the Brit will notice if the pooch looks a little more like this when he gets home?

i'll be sad to see him leave me ... but will embrace the study time!

he would never leave me, he's clearly obsessed


Next post…the deck!