Yesterday my sister helped me out so ooo ooooo oooo much! I’ve been pretty much the biggest procrastinator EVER with the new place and still have things in boxes 4 wks later. She showed up and helped me kick it into gear. We hung photos, mirrors, cleaned, organized, laughed, disagreed on where to put things, and then had a sleep over! My main man was in LA with a friend and so my sister stayed the night. It was so good to have her here, sisters are definitely the best.

She’s leaving soon, I’m trying to think of a way for me to afford a trip to MA with her to help her settle…I need to get researching.

Today: Walked 5 miles with pooch (running is on a hiatus until I get new running shoes, the ones I currently have are 5 yrs old and hurt…I need to kick THAT into gear next!)