The dog finally slept through the night, oh joy πŸ™‚ We lured him into his new abode with treats, he obliged. We zipped him up and not one peep out of the cutie until he saw us getting up this morning!! We are very excited at the prospect of sound nights of sleep EVERY night.

My workouts for this past week have been scattered, but here they are in brief:

Mon: 3 mile jog
Tues: Rest
Wed: 3 mile walk
Th: 3.5 mile walk
Fri: 5.5 mile walk
Sat: Rest/Wedding/Champagne/Dancing…that counts right?
Sun: 4.5 mile walk

…need to fit some yoga in. I think today is the day!

This weekend was lovely. One of my dearest friends from college got married and on top of marveling at her beautiful day/dress it was practically a reunion for a ton of college friends. Lots of catching up, great food, beautiful weather (they were married in La Jolla overlooking the ocean), and a ton of champagne couple with dancing the night away. I’m not gonna lie, I look forward to the food and dancing the most at a wedding. Obviously, always excited to see people we love sharing their commitment etc… but seriously…the food and dancing is KEY. And it was awesome at this one.

The view during the day- perfect weather!

and then as the evening rolled in...

me and the man...and my dear friend πŸ™‚

Today on the docket:

-Love the pooch b.c I’m so proud of him for sleeping in his new bed all through the night!
-Organize our office, still under construction since moving and desperately needs some attention
-Food shopping
-Plan for a dinner party with the fam at our new place (must find dining table!)
-Hang out with sister…did I mention she’s moving to MA come Aug 1? Not happy to see her leaving…

And of course, make some yummy food with all of my summer down time πŸ™‚