This is kinda the question I got all day. Why are you here? Wait…this is your summer?

Today I shadowed some wonderful med students and attendings at the Women’s Clinic at County. I saw some awesome procedures and was able to learn a lot of the nuances of working in a women’s clinic. This is literally the only shadowing I’ve done all summer, but when they saw me there they assumed I was doing this all summer…um, excuse me? My ONLY summer off? No way. 1 day and we’re done 🙂

I changed my major in college because of women’s health. I was fascinated by the female body and basically when I decided I wanted to be a doctor, I decided I wanted to be a female doctor either OBGYN or GYN. Up to this point most of my shadowing has been in clinics focusing on obstetrics OR in the labor and delivery departments at hospitals. However today was a gynecology day at the clinic, so the focus was off babies and just on women.

The number one thing I suggest you do before you go to medical school is shadow! Shadow so you can see what the day-to-day holds for that profession/specialty, because its all glamour when you see it in your head, but in the clinic, it may not be as good as you think. Today taught me this lesson.

I learned I can’t be a gynecologist. I can’t perform procedures on women that are painful and scary and in particular are things that I don’t ever want to have to go through. I’ve had my own bout with ovarian cysts and a tilted uterus and polyps etc… and I know the stress surrounding the annual visit, I just can’t imagine being a part of that stress for other women, but added to that, being part of the anxiety of an appointment where something is removed, your cervix is opened, your uterine lining is scraped. No, today instead of wanting to stand on the other end of the table to see how the doctor did the procedure, I wanted to be as far away as possible and hold the patients hand while we both waited for it to end.

I’ll give it another try, heck I’ll have to in my 3rd and 4th yrs as I rotate, but I think today was very important and really helped me guide my interests.

I’m off to walk the pooch. He’s sleeping and twitching as I type. He’s basically my 4th love in life. What were my other 3 you ask?

1. German Language

2. Sister/Mom

3. My partner Anthony

…German beats family and love…oh yes.

in Maui in our own little cove


When we fell in love ❤


a red sand beach in Hana...such clear water!