Today we rest. Today we soak in the fact that there is NOTHING to do and we get the house in order. We’ve been fully moved into the new place for about 2 weeks now and are JUST finally settling in. For the first 11 days my man’s brother was visiting from England with his lovely lady Kate and we were busy doing lots of fun activities and ignoring that our lives were in boxes. We love the new place. More room, a yard to be creative with, and some much needed time to be alone!

However, there is 1 thing that has not been going so swell, our dog is having trouble. When we moved, I was in Maui and he obviously went through a big change without the love of his life: me. I knew that would be hard, but then we settled in when I got back and for the first week or so things were fine. The last 3 nights…have been quite the opposite. We got a dog because kids are not in the picture, at least not for 8-10 more years, so why were we kept up all night by our pooch?? It was our first taste of parenthood and we weren’t happy. We literally slept 1-2 hrs total because he was so restless. He seems fine during the days…

such a cuddler

But at night its a different story. We’re trying to find the answer…any help is appreciated! He’s even stopped sleeping in his beloved bed and has moved his caboose to the futon at night.

I plan on having a nice lovely colorful post about Maui, but for now lets just say it was incredible. The time with my mom and sister was so refreshing, thats not to say there weren’t plenty of moments of yelling and crying and laughing…it was refreshing because I cant remember the last time we spent 11 consecutive days together. Since both of us left to go to college those days are behind us and it was really really nice to have them back.

My summer break has been great thus far. Lots of fun. Not a ton of down time, but I’m working on that. I felt like I was doing so little I picked up a shift at the local community clinic tonight, I know I should probably just go cold turkey and enjoy the lack of stuff to do over summer, but I can’t, I’m so excited to see patients and get back into the grind tonight. The beauty of it is that there isn’t any class the next day, no studying, nothing else to do, so I can be present in the clinic fully.

A sneak peak at my time in Maui…

there was time spent smiling with my sister 🙂

the sunrise at Haleakala, this is my photo 🙂

swimming at Oheo Gulch (early enough so no one else was there!)

and LOTS of camping in our VW Westfalia van on the beach, oh bliss

Off to remind my self how to do and H & P, hope everyone is having a beautiful summer!