Done with the first year. The grades are posted, celebratory party last night, officially have no reason to be up early, and the heat is on–it feels awesome.

I have so many feelings about this first year. I’ve pushed myself in ways that are so new and have morphed into a weirdo that doesn’t know what to do when I don’t have notes to go over. I am slowly letting go of the stress of this year in hopes of embracing the life of sleeping in and getting my life in order. Next year is the first step of boards–I want to be ready, so my prescription for this summer is to enjoy life and love every minute of my day doing mundane things. You know what I think might help? A trip to MAUI!!!

It’s planned and happening this next week: my mom sister and I are departing on a trip to Maui. This will be my sister and my first time and it will be a trip down memory lane for my mom, she lived there 30 years ago with her first love. They lived in an army tent, he surfed, she waited tables, and they jointly made fresh mango croissants with freshly brewed coffee for the hikers awaiting the sunrise over Haleakala Volcano. I can’t wait to hear more stories as we relive steps in her old stomping ground and she remembers the beauty of her youth and of first loves 🙂

It's supposed to be AMAZING

When I get back Ant & I move into our new place down the road. A 2-bedroom with a yard, definitely a step up from our previous 1 room studio in Santa Cruz!

Have you been to Haleakala, was it amazing? Any new life adventures happening come July?